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Migrating to Pelican



Maybe I am too stupid to use Lektor and I just really want to use python. Jekyll is great but I'm bit lazy to start the development thingi with bundler. I think Pelican can get me near the Jekyll static result with few adjustment.


I just follow the …

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Failed to locate


After a install a rpm for the postgres repository, then install pgAdmin4 using dnf.

$ sudo dnf install pgAdmin4-v1

But when opening the application, there was an error:

pgAdmin4 Error

A simple workaround is:

  • Create folder:

    $ mkdir ~/.config/pgAdmin\ Development\ Team
  • Create a config file:

    (change vim with your editor)

    $ vim ~/.config/pgAdmin …
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Membuat PDF jadi Poster


Aku menemukan satu program yang berguna bernama pdfposter. Program ini menghasilkan poster berukuran besar dengan menggabungkan banyak halaman. Input yang diterima berupa file format PDF satu halaman dan menghasilkan file PDF multi-halaman.

File gambar bisa dibuat menjadi file PDF satu halaman dengam mudah menggunakan program Scribus.

Installasi pdfposter

$ sudo [your …
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Removing Metadata


Image is a great way to communicate ideas. With the advancing of smartphone and digital cameras, more picture is taken and uploaded to the web. With it come the data embedded in the image we upload. For example data about :
- Time and place of picture taken
- Camera info and settings …

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A single pixel