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Migrating to Pelican


Maybe I am too stupid to use Lektor and I just really want to use python. Jekyll is great but I'm bit lazy to start the development thingi with bundler. I think Pelican can get me near the Jekyll static result with few adjustment.


I just follow the documentation on how to create directory structure.


Next thing is to replace metadata and get metadata from filename. For replacing metadata, sed to the rescue with:

sed -ie 's/categories:/category:/g' content/*

sed -ie 's/\'How-To\'/How-To/g' content/*

sed -ie 's/\'Story\'/Story/g' content/*

sed -ie 's/(/public/({filename}/public/g' content/*

Getting metadata from filename achived using settings in


adjusting the url using metadata from filename

FILENAME_METADATA = '(?P<date>\d{4}-\d{2}-\d{2})-(?P<slug>.*)'


Still using the same theme by poole.

Screenshot: screenshot